Listen to Jim Guthrie's 'Weightless: The Ambient Music of Planet Coaster'

Mellow, ambient tunes from the composer of 'Indie Game: The Movie' soundtrack

Jim Guthrie Credit: Madchipmunks/Fanart

Canadian singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie is best-known to gamers for his work providing the moody scores for the 2012 film Indie Game: The Movie and the critically-acclaimed indie adventure Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPRecently he has contributed music to Hamonix' 2016 remake of rhythm-action game Amplitude and composed the soundtrack to Frontier Developments' Planet Coaster alongside JJ Ipsen. This collection of elegant acoustic instrumental tracks You, Me Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster included folk-tinged tracks with light-hearted titles like "Breakfast of Champignons" and "You'll Know When it Turns Invisible."

This week Guthrie and Ipsen collaborated with other members of the Frontier audio team and released new mixes of the album with a more atmospheric, ambient vibe, called Weightless: The Ambient Music of Planet Coaster.

You can listen to the album below.