'League of Legends' Megastar 'Faker' Sets New Twitch Record With His First Livestream

The first time he streams on Twitch, he shatters viewership records for an individual streamer

Twitch announced earlier that Korean player Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, mid laner for the professional League of Legends team SK Telecom T1, broke a record on the live streaming site for an individual streamer by attracting 245,100 concurrent viewers to his new channel today. 

For some context as to just what a milestone that is for an individual player to achieve – the record for the most concurrent views of any broadcast was 1.026 million for the grand finals of the 10th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major on January 29 between Virtus.pro and Astralis – a huge event that broke Twitch's previous single-channel concurrent viewer record of 890,000. For an individual streamer to achieve nearly a quarter of the viewership of a major event is an incredibly impressive feat.

The 20 year-old Faker, who has been playing the game since 2011, is regarded as possibly the best individual League of Legends player in the world, which explains why his debut on the streaming service was such a hit. Along with teammate Bengi, he is one of only two players to have won the League of Legends World Championship three times and has earned nearly $900,000 in prize money since the beginning of his career. He previously broadcast on Twitch competitor Abuzu along with the rest of his team mates, but the entire SKT T1 team will now use Twitch as their official streaming site.

You can see the record-breaking stream below.