Kung-Fu Meets Kill Shots in The 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' Shaolin Shuffle Trailer

'Jackie Brown' star Pam Grier is the Shaolin Sister in the 70s zombie map


The latest zombie map for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare mashes together the blacksploitation and kung-fu movies of the 70s to create a new undead playground for Andre, AJ, Poindexter and Sally. It's part of Infinite Warfare’s second DLC Pack, 'Continuum', available on April 18 and stars Coffy, Foxy Brown and Jackie Brown star Pam Grier. 

"I’m a Shaolin Sister! Red beans and rice don’t miss her! [laughs] She’s a force, and she has wisdom and she’s a sensei. Well, she is a sensei," she tells Coming Soon. "I am a real ninja. And the fact that nunchucks were designed by a woman, a Chinese woman. It’s a woman’s weapon. It’s really a rolling pin and a skillet…I come from a long line of skillet-throwing women. It was great to have that in there. A women’s reference. People who practice martial arts will see that and go wow, that’s a feminist tool."

We've already seen the stars on Infinite Warfare's zombie mode survive a 90s rave with 'Zombies In Spaceland', 'Shaolin Shuffle' is all about surviving 70s funk with kung-fu powers, nunchucks and the traditional big guns.