Indie Band Alt-J Creates Web Game for New Album

Wander the world of new album 'Relaxer' to find hidden videos and images

The band's name refers to the keys needed to type the delta sign on a Mac Credit: Alt-J

Alt-J, an indie band from Leeds in the UK, has created a haunting web game to promote its new album, Relaxer. The game allows fans to navigate a strange, blocky world – think emo Minecraft – as strains of the band's track '3WW' play. You can find the game here.

There's a lone female figure, a damaged car, strange eye graffiti and more. Approaching different objects will lead to something, like a clip of couple or a video of LSD: Dream Emulator on YouTube. It's like a strange media treasure hunt. 

The album Relaxer and is scheduled for release on June 2 and the track '3WW', taken from the album, is out now and features Ellie Roswell of Wolf Alice. 

Alt-J's track 'Something Good' appeared in the episodic Life Is Strange, in the second installment. Main character Max even strums her guitar along to the song.