How To Watch Nintendo Switch Event

Catch it here to see (hopefully) the release date, price and launch game line-up

It's Switchmas Eve! All through the land, gamers are eagerly waiting for Nintendo to showcase its new Switch console live from Tokyo tomorrow.

It's a must-watch event, in large part due to the all the questions still hovering around Nintendo's mysterious hybrid. Part home console, part handheld gaming device, no one actually knows what they'll be able to play on it yet, or how it'll compete on price with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Prior to its official announcement back in October, it was simply known as the "NX." We now know a bit more, but we're hoping Thursday's presentation will make it fully real. 

You can watch it for yourself above, or you can stream it off YouTube or Nintendo's official site. Here are the times based on your location:

  • 8pm PT (January 12)
  • 11pm ET (January 12)
  • 4am GMT (January 13)
  • 2pm AEST (January 13)

You'll want to pay attention to the key questions, like: when is it out, how much will it cost, and is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a launch title? (Answer: it had better be.)