How are Residents of 'GTA V' Setting San Andreas Dealing With Inauguration Day?

'San Andreas Community Cam' lets you watch the residents go about their business, cry

This morning at 8am PST, the 'San Andreas Streaming Community Cam' went live. Created by Brent Watanabe, it shows live feed from a special mod of Grand Theft Auto V where the residents go about their business, unbothered by human intervention.

"The mod follows the citizens of San Andreas, a fictional state in GTA V based on California," he says. "The citizens are programmed to control themselves and make their own decisions, with no one actually playing the game. The citizens are ‘playing themselves’, with all activity unscripted."

As President Trump's inauguration played around the world a single NPC sat in a car, crying outside Jazz Desserts. It felt almost poignant.

This isn't artist Watanabe's first GTA V project. He's the man behind the 'San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam' that went viral last year. There an autonomous deer ran through the streets, occasionally facing off with trucks or goring residents. 

Watanabe is currently accepting donations to the project, with all the cash going to Planned Parenthood.