Has Ubisoft hidden a new game tease in Watch Dogs 2?

Space salvage and Blind Willie Johnson hidden for the hackers

Watch Dogs 2 isn't out till tomorrow, but just like the hackers that make up its cast, it's already disrupting its way into the newscycle. If you pursue one of the game's side missions – which you get from intercepting a call from an NPC identified as an Ubisoft employee – you'll eventually get the opportunity to hack into Ubisoft's servers. The prize? A work-in-progress montage of game footage that looks very evocative of No Man's Sky.

Is Ubi teasing a new title on the sly, or simply poking fun at the embattled space game? Who knows. Reddit is comparing it to TV shows Firefly and The Expanse. It certainly doesn’t look like any of Ubisoft’s AAA franchises, but Ubisoft is known for taking chances on smaller, more experimental titles like From Dust and Child Of Light. It's not far-fetched that this may one of those smaller projects. Note that it's stamped with watermarks we'd expect of real footage, including an E3_Conf_Video_v03. Ubisoft, of course, isn't saying anything right now.

And before you start Shazaming the music, Reddit has identified the song in the trailer as 1972's "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" by Blind Willie Johnson. Space fact: It was one of 27 samples of music included on the Voyager Golden Record, which was launched into space in 1977.

Whatever it is, a new game or a prank, it’s made sure there’s buzz about the current game and a potential future release. Well played Ubisoft, well played.