Listen to Glixel Podcast: The Weird Challenges of Making Virtual Reality Games

On this week's podcast we're joined by 'Job Simulator' dev Owlchemy Labs' Cy Wise to talk about the weird stuff VR developers think about

'Job Simulator' Credit: Owlchemy Labs

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This week John Davison, Simon Cox and Rachel Weber are joined by Cy Wise from virtual reality game developer Owlchemy Labs (Job Simulator, Rick & Morty Simulator) to chat about some of the weird stuff designers have to think about when making VR games. How do you stop people falling over? Why is elbow tracking important? Plus, we ponder the really important questions - like what do you call someone that's actually in VR? Are they a player? A user? A participant? A VRgonaut?

Also: We enthuse about Titanfall 2 (again) and needlessly grumble about Sony's shoddy PlayStation Pro packaging.