Listen to the Glixel Podcast: We Have 'Destiny 2' Things to Talk About

We pick apart this week's 'Destiny 2' reveal and look back at the best games of 20 years ago

We talk 'Destiny 2', 'Ghost in the Shell and 1997 on this week's show Credit: Glixel

The first trailer for Destiny 2 dropped earlier this week, and despite not showing any gameplay at all, there's plenty to learn from what little it showed. Significantly, it leans hard into jokier style thanks to Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6 that seems unlikely to be the representative of the tone of the final game.

We also dig into the best games of 20 years ago (including Turok, GoldenEye, Grand Theft Auto and more,) and remember Bungie's Ghost In The Shell-alike Oni, which was published by Rockstar back in 2001.

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