Listen to the Glixel Podcast: 'Halo Wars 2', 'Fire Emblem' and the Nintendo Switch Hangover

We revisit our thoughts on the Switch, and discuss Nintendo's 'Fire Emblem' announcements. Plus: thoughts on 'Halo Wars 2' and 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'

This week we talk Halo Wars 2, Fire Emblem, Ghost Recon and Nintendo Switch Credit: Glixel

Will Rachel be as grumpy about the Switch as she was last week? Has John changed his mind about it again? What did Miguel think of Halo Wars 2 when he played it? If Simon hates horror games so much, how is Rachel going to get him to play Resident Evil 7 on a livestream next week? Is Ghost Recon Wildlands something really special? What's a "gacha" mechanic? All these questions answered and more in the latest episode of our podcast. 

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