Listen to the Glixel Podcast: 'Fire Emblem Heroes' and Nintendo Switch Hands-On

If you've ever wondered what Steve Jobs thought of 'Super Monkey Ball' you should listen to this

On this week's episode, we talk 'Fire Emblem Heroes', Nintendo Switch hands-on impressions, and more Credit: Glixel

This week we're joined by Ethan Einhorn, the former creative director from Sega of America who is now at VR studio Midas Touch Games. Ethan tells us about his time with Steve Jobs back when the App Store first launched, and how Jobs accurately predicted the huge success of Super Monkey Ball.

The bulk of our conversation this week is all about Nintendo stuff though. With Fire Emblem Heroes out now for both iOS and Android, we talk about whether the move from 3DS to smartphone has been successful, and learn how it stacks up for a series veteran like Einhorn. He's played literally hundreds of hours of previous Fire Emblem games – and even describes Fire Emblem Fates as his favorite game of all time.

We also tackle the Nintendo Switch again – this time based on some real hands-on time with the system.

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