'Gears of War 4' Gets Huge Horde Mode Update

'Rise of the Horde' brings a massive shakeup to the popular mode with new skills, loot and difficulty levels

Gears of War

The Coalition rolled out its biggest ever update for Gears of War 4 today, dubbed "Rise of the Horde", bringing with it a bunch of new ways to specialize the way you play your chosen Class, and new rewards when you beat bosses at waves 30, 40 and 50. There's a full breakdown of the new skills here on the Gears 4 blog.

If you're an experienced Gears player craving more of a challenge, the studio has also added two new difficulty levels to both the campaign and horde mode. "Inconceivable" is a step up from the previous "Insane" difficulty. In Horde mode it makes you weaker and your enemies stronger, while in the campaign it focuses on survival and effectiveness, making both you and the enemies weaker while requiring you to be incredibly efficient with your use of weapons and ammo.

If that's not tough enough, the new "Ironman" mode is all about not dying. In the campaign, one death will send you all the way back to the beginning of the game. In Horde, no COG tags drop when you die and a failed wave marks the end of your run.

If you've never tried Gears of War 4, from June 9 to June 15 Microsoft is offering a free trial version of the game for both Xbox One and Windows 10. The trial provides 10 hours of play, including the whole first act of the campaign and full access to both Horde mode and the Versus multiplayer modes.