Fan Feedback is Starting to Fix 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Improvements to the game's visuals and Scott Ryder's romantic life are coming too

Nakmor Drack, your curmudgeon of a Krogan companion. Credit: Bioware

There are big changes on the interstellar horizon for space epic Mass Effect: Andromeda. After a bumpy launch marred by scathing memes and a mixed critical reception, developer Bioware is starting to respond to fan feedback with definitive action.

"Since launch, our team has been poring over your comments and feedback, looking to discover what you like about the game, as well as areas we can evolve or improve," says Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare.

A new patch on Thursday will be mainly tweaks, but include an option to skip those endless animations when you travel between planets. There aren't enough thankful hand emojis in the world for that decision. Inventory limits are increased, there will changes to the appearance of eyes for humans and asari characters, Ryder's weird running animation will be fixed and remnant decryption keys (which you need to skip those alien sudoku puzzles) will be easier to find at merchants and cheaper. There will also be improvements to lip sync and matchmaking and latency in multiplayer.

Flynn also detailed some of the bigger changes coming over the next two months:

- More options and variety in the character creator
- Improvements to hair and general appearance for characters
- Ongoing improvements to cinematic scenes and animations
- Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder
- Adjustments to conversations with Hainly Abrams (a scientific director located on Eos, who reveals she is transgender.) 

"These upcoming patches will also address performance and stability issues. And we’re looking at adding more cosmetic items to single player for free," says Flynn. "For multiplayer, over the same timeframe, we’re going to continue to build on the APEX missions that have been running since launch. We’ll be adding new maps, characters, and weapons. On Thursday, we kick off the first of three new chapters centered around 'The Remnant Investigation.'"

While changes to things like the character creator won't help day one players who have been struggling through the story with a terrible chin for a hundred hours and counting, it does show that Bioware is being proactive about fan feedback.