Enterprise D from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Built in 'Halo 5 Forge'

Captain Picard's iconic starship recreated in the super shooter's map building tool

Starship Forge

It's the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation as you've never seen it before – recreated in Halo 5 Forge, the mega shooter's extensive map-making tool. It has everything you'd expect – the bridge, engineering, the shuttle bay, even the transporter room – and it's roughly one half scale.

Creator Skyler Hall, (also known as Starship Forge) has made two versions of the map, one is purely aesthetic for fans to marvel at, the other is a complete mini-game. "The minigame is a single-player game styled after the 80's Choose Your Own Adventure series," says Hall. "In the game, you are presented with three choices, only one of which leads to survival. The other choices lead to death."

Hall is a master Halo 5 Forge builder. His previous projects have included the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Class Star Destroy from Star Wars, a Ghostbusters Proton Pack, Hill Valley from Back to the Future and a Doctor Who map set at the location of the Doctor's tomb on Trenzalore from the episode "The Name of the Doctor."

The Halo 5: Forge Bundle is free on the Microsoft Store. The creation mode has been around on console for years but it was only in September that the building tools and custom games became available on PC, giving creators the chance to build far more complex maps. 

You can check out some of the top creations on the official Halo site