'Doom' Creator's 12-Year-Old Son Releases First Game: 'Gunman Taco Truck'

Post-apocalyptic food truck-themed shooter released on iOS and Android

'Gunaman Taco Truck' designed by 12-year-old Donovan Romero-Brathwaite Romero Games

Gunman Taco Truck has been released on iOS and Android this week. The wacky post-apocalyptic shooter about the world's last taco vendor making its way to Winnipeg while slaughtering mutants was designed by Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, the 12-year-old son of two famous game developers: Doom creator John Romero and Wizardry designer Brenda (Brathwaite) Romero.

"It's my first published game, and it’s been really fun," said Romero-Brathwaite in a statement. Following a coding lesson when he was 9-years-old, Donovan suggested the idea to his parents. They recorded him making his pitch, which sounded like something Romero himself might have dreamed up at that age: It's 2020, and you have to drive your taco truck across a post-apocalyptic landscape, blowing up mutant beasts and using their meat for tacos to help humanity survive. "Let's just start making it as a family game," Romero said at the time. They funded it under their own development studio, Romero Games. The game actually plays like a novel hybrid of both a simple, bloody side-scrolling shooter and a rudimentary cooking game. By pleasing your customers you gain money to buy gas, more ingredients and better gear for your truck.

The game is free to download on mobile, and there's also a PC version available for $11.99 on Steam.