Today at PSX: 'Death Stranding', 'Uncharted' and 'The Last Of Us Part 2'

Your need to know on the first day of PlayStation Experience – all in one place

Today was all about the PlayStation Experience and more specifically, all about the showcase, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding panel, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last Of Us Part 2.

The show opened with a woman, face covered, making her way through darkened streets and kicking ass along the way. Muttering began, Lara? Was this new Tomb Raider? No, the woman was Uncharted's Chloe Frazer and she was soon joined by Nadine Ross. It became clear we were seeing a badass female spin-off, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Set in India the game will be part of the Uncharted 4 season pass but is also a standalone game. Uncharted without Drake is a tough sell, but if anyone can make it work it's Chloe and Nadine.

Naughty Dog double delivered at the showcase, stealing the limelight at the start and delivering a gut punch of a The Last Of Us Part 2 trailer to end the show. Ellie, tattooed and shaken, Joel, weary and questioning her course of action. Even though Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Tory Baker (Joel) appeared on a panel soon after details were guarded like state secrets, with the voice actors looking a little nervously at their employer every time a question was asked. "The first game, the core of it, the theme was really about the love between these two characters," says Druckmann. "This story is the counter of that, this story is about hate."

We learnt a lot about Death Stranding from the Kojima Productions panel, but the details mainly concerned what was under the hood. Only Kojima can keep a crowd totally focused during a talk about software engines. Up for discussion was Decima, the engine that powers Death Stranding which Kojima Productions is borrowing from Guerilla Games, home to Horizon: Zero Dawn and the Killzone series.

We did get some actual game details too though, film director Guillermo Del Toro's likeness will appear in the final game, but someone else will provide his voice and movement due to time constraints. Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen (whose number Kojima got from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn) will do all their own mo-cap. Kojima also confirmed there will be some female characters in the game, even if we haven't actually seen any in the trailers.

And if you love the haunting music that's been used in the Death Stranding trailers, from Icelandic group Low Roar, you can pre-order a special Death Stranding 12" today.

As for the other announcements? Here's what we got: Knack 2, Wipeout Omega Collection, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, PaRappa the Rapper (Remastered), Patapon (Remastered), LocoRoco (Remastered) and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. As a bonus Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 launched exclusively on PS4 today, as did Let It Die which is free on PlayStation 4.

We also saw Starblood Arena, Ace Combat 7, Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Pyre, Dreadnaught, Vane, Absolver, Edith Finch, Nier: Automata, Nex Machina, Gravity Rush 2, MLB The Show 17, Windjammers, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and Ys Origins. Destiny fans also got a look at the very festive new content The Dawning, which brings back the beloved Ice Breaker weapon. Happy holidays Guardians.

Noticeable absentees were God Of War, Days Gone and Detroit: Become Human - all three big Sony exclusives that were on show at E3 back in June but didn't even get a mention on the main stage. It's not unheard of, games work on strict publicity cycles, but it felt like having a big family holiday party but leaving out the favorite uncle.

We'll bring you more from the show tomorrow, where we'll be hands on with games on the showfloor and stalking Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann.