Climbing, Vaulting and Dynamic Weather Coming to 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'

Finally, you'll be able to get over walls and jump through windows

We've all no doubt experienced the dilemma of being trapped in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds with no obvious way out. As you try desperately to escape from a group of opponents who seem to be able to anticipate your every move, the only thing standing between you and a good hiding place is a small fence or a knee-high wall. Surely...surely you can make it over. How could it possibly be a real obstacle? You run towards it as fast as you can and try to time your jump so you can fool the game into letting you clamber over it – but no. You bounce back, your progress halted. Do you hit the deck? Do you turn and shoot? Or is it too late?

Thankfully, this problem will soon be in the past. Playerunknown revealed in a new trailer at the PC Gaming Show at E3 today that climbing and vaulting is coming to the game. You'll soon be able to hop over walls, clamber over cars, and vault through windows. It sounds like just a superficial change, but the impact it's going to have on how you traverse Erangel is going to be enormous. This is a big deal for this game. It's going to change the whole experience.

The trailer also showed off a new dynamic weather system. Playing a PUBG match in the rain completely changes the atmosphere of the game, so it's great to see that the team is expanding on the idea by adding fog and other weather effects along with new lighting for different times of day. All of these new updates should completely change the way players interact with the environment, adding an even deeper sense of strategy to the game.