Check Out This Demonic Mystery Trailer From Bandai Namco

"Prepare to dine" teaser has demons, monsters, swords and a splash of blood

Bandai Namco

There's something a little bit vampiric about the new, mystery teaser trailer released by games publisher Bandai Namco this morning. There's monsters, ruined churches, swords and some on point demonic fashion in the charcoal rendered images. Instead of a title we're given a hashtag, #preparetodine, which also suggests some vampiric connection. The game will be revealed on April 20.

Bandai Namco is the Japanese games publisher that's home to series like Tekken, Dark Souls and of course, Pac-Man. It also publishes indie titles like Little Nightmares and Necropolis. Gamers on YouTube are already enjoying guessing at possible titles for the mystery project, including Ashes of Lunch: The Ringed Dinner Plate, Artorias of the Obese and The Rations of Ariandel.

The stylish animation for the trailer was created by Lizzi Akana who has previously created animation and artwork for MTV, the band MGMT and Adult Swim.