Check Out 'Perception,' a Horror Game From 'Bioshock' and 'Dead Space' Developers

Use echolocation to explore an abandoned Massachusetts estate

The Deep End Games

Horror adventure Perception looks fascinating, and not just because of its unusual art style. The game's hero, Cassie Thornton, is blind and has to use echolocation to guide her around the abandoned estate of Echo Bluff.

In this game every sound you, or someone else, makes creates a visual effect that will allow Cassie to find her way around and face an enemy called The Presence. "I really just had to envision what would scare me most," says concept artist Robb Waters of The Presence. "A shrouded hunched over figure as seemingly simple as it is still one of the scariest things I can imagine bumping into. Not knowing exactly who or what something is always more unnerving to me."

This trailer gives you a good idea of how the mechanic will work in the game, and with talent from Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space on board you can expect plenty of story and creeping dread to propel you forward too. 

The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 30.