Check out This Iconic Blade Runner Location in VR

Tour Deckard’s apartment in the fan project Blade Runner 9732

Quentin Lengele

With a trailer for the Blade Runner sequel sending the world replicant crazy again now's the perfect time to revisit the 1982 original. If you're looking for something a little more immersive than the Director's Cut blu-ray, then this virtual reality build of Rick Deckard’s apartment could be just the thing.

Created as a fan project, Blade Runner 9732 will let users wander the rooms, surrounded by iconic items like the Esper machine, the piano, you can even look out from the balcony onto the iconic neon street scenes outside. It's a pretty intoxicating premise for fans of Blade Runner and virtual reality and feels like the perfect homage to the seminal science fiction film.

Now here’s the bad news, it's not currently publicly available and there are some obstacles that stand between it and release. Blade Runner 9732 was created by Belgian software engineer Quentin Lengele, who doesn't currently have the blessing of the movie’s overlords, Warner Bros. On top of that he has a list of things he wants to do before any kind of release, like improving the bathroom build and getting his hands on new tech – the project so far has been built on an old school Oculus DK1 kit, which is – in virtual reality terms – ancient. He also wants to add some gameplay and include interactions with Rachael, the replicant that Deckard falls for in the movie.

Still, Lengele hopes the experience can be released in some sort of alpha form soon. "I cannot give a precise ETA as it's still a hobby job," he says.

"But I can say it's almost finished. I can also tell you it will be available on Vive."