'Hidden Folks' is an Addictive Art Take on 'Where's Waldo'

This handcrafted monochrome masterpiece is out today for your phone (as well as Steam and Apple TV)

'Hidden Folks' is a hugely addictive, handcrafted take on 'Where's Waldo' Credit: Adriaan de Jongh
'Hidden Folks' is an Addictive Art Take on 'Where's Waldo'

Check out the trailer for Hidden Folks, the game you'll be staring at solidly for the next few weeks. It's Where's Waldo meets a Masters in illustration with animated, black and white scenes twitching with life. You just have to find the listed items in the increasingly large and busy scenes – but trust us, this game will eat your time, your attention and possibly your current relationship. 

The game is the work of Dutch game designer Adriaan de Jongh, previously known for 2012 iPad game Fingle and 2014's ballet-themed Bounden along with illustrator Sylvain Tegroeg. The game was even the rare recipient of a recommendation from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who says "I'm sure my niece will spend many hours in this game!"

Hidden Folks is out on iTunes and Steam today.