'Cards Against Humanity' Gets a 'Mass Effect' Expansion

The inappropriate card game just got bangable alien jokes

Credit: Bioware/Cards Against Humanity

If you know Cards Against Humanity you know it's a sentence creation party game that you should never play with your mother. Players compete to fill in the blanks of different sentences with the most inappropriate, hilarious or terrible phrases from a deck of cards. Now that game is getting 14 new Mass Effect themed cards. 

"We co-wrote a new expansion pack with BioWare because we wanted to convince them to let us play Andromeda early. That did not happen, but we did write 14 new cards about Mass Effect," say the makers of Cards Against Humanity.

You can order the expansion right now for just a single dollar, and once they sell out they're gone. The company also invites anyone to moan about the Mass Effect 3 ending at EntitledWhining@cardsagainsthumanity.com.