Big Bad Ghaul Manhandles Guardians in 'Destiny 2' Trailer

Bungie revealed the PlayStation exclusive features at Sony's E3 event

'Destiny 2' by Bungie

Destiny players have reason enough to hate Ghaul, the head of the Cabal force that wrecks the City and sends the Vanguard packing at the beginning of Destiny 2 – mainly because he's responsible for setting everyone's light level will reset to 1 and blowing up the treasure hoard of every Guardian. This new trailer just pours salt on the wound. See it for yourself.

In other news, Destiny 2 players on PlayStation 4 will get a access to an exclusive strike called Lake of Shadows, and an exotic weapon called Borealis, that's most likely a sniper rifle, but could conceivably also be a scout rifle or an auto-rifle? TBD. Finally, there's a new release date: September 6.