Ariana Grande Returns to 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius'

The pop princess returns, with chances to win concert tickets

Ariana Grande returning to 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' Credit: Kevin Mazur /Getty

Diminutive pop princess Ariana Grande is returning to the free-to-play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius once again. Square Enix announced today that it is following the successful (if somewhat divisive among fans) event from earlier this year, and offering a contest to win concert tickets and meet and greet passes.

From today, players of Brave Exvius have a shot at acquiring the "Dangerous Ariana" character by completing the Ariana Grande-specific "Dangerous Woman Tour" event stage on Easy difficulty. If you beat it (it's not hard) you get the character along with equipment, like her signature bunny ears or a "stylish black dress" for her to use.

For a shot at winning the concert tickets, you need to take a screenshot of your party while battling the Dangerous Woman Tour dungeon boss, called "Resentful Noise Spirit", and then post your screenshot along with your Player ID and a brief, presumably very enthusiastic description of why you like Ariana Grande so much, in the event thread on the game's Facebook page. At the end of the event, all players will also receive in-game rewards depending on the number of discussions reached. Two people have the chance to win a concert ticket and backstage pass, but they won't receive stuff like plane tickets or hotel rooms. For that, they're on their own.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the little free-to-play kid brother of the Final Fantasy series, and was released in Japan in October 2015 and everywhere else last June. It's proven phenomenally successful, with over 20 million downloads worldwide.

When we spoke to Chris Hardwick, TV star and founder of Nerdist Industries, he admitted to being a fan. "Whereas the other Final Fantasy games have been retro-fitted to mobile, this is actually made for mobile and it's great. I love it," he said. "I've spent a lot of money playing the game, which I know makes people upset, but I guess I sort of feel like, "you know, I would spend 20 bucks to go see a movie. Why wouldn't I spend 20 bucks to play a game all day."