Listen to Animal Collective's Unreleased 'Red Dead Redemption' Track

Band's Avey Tare explains inspiration behind the track "Mountain Game"

Listen to Animal Collective's Unreleased 'Red Dead Redemption' Track Credit: Rockstar Games

Earlier today the experimental pop band Animal Collective released a song on YouTube, "Mountain Game," that it created for Rockstar's action Western, Red Dead Redemption. The track was recorded in 2010 but never used in the final game.

"The core of this song was actually a part of a group of tracks I made for the Avey Tare Down There record but felt that it didn't fit with the other textures so Animal Collective decided to use it for the game," Dave Portner, AKA Avey Tare, told Glixel.

"At the time, there were a lot of wild fires in Colorado (where my parents live) threatening animal and human life. It seemed fitting to write a song about our country going up in flames and becoming a bleak no-persons-land in parallel to a video game about a person traveling around a desolate old west country killing zombies. In some ways it feels like a reality that isn't too far off. It's bleak but hopeful."

The mention of zombies makes it likely that "Mountain Game" was originally intended for the Red Dead Redemption expansion, Undead Nightmare. 

Animal Collective, which also includes Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz), is currently preparing for the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico. It released its latest album, Painting With, in February. 

Rockstar has just announced the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, with a release date of 2017.