AMC's New Series 'Loaded' is a Comedy About Game Developers

New British series is coming in July and stars Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson


AMC's latest comedy, Loaded, is a British show about game developers. It tells the story of four friends who sell their company, Idyl Hands, and become millionaires in the process. The first episode will air on July 17 at 10pm.

It's written by Georgia Pritchett, D.C. Jackson and Jon Brown, who also worked on the British shows Misfits, Peep Show and Fresh Meat. Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson, Jonny Sweet  and Nick Helm play the four friends. The series is co-production between AMC, Channel 4, Hillbilly Television, and Keshet UK and is based on the Israeli comedy-drama series Mesudarim.

It's not the only show about game developers coming soon. Netflix has also announced Game Over Man starring Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson as friends trying to get their game financed.