Adorable Pyramid Head Coming to 'Super Bomberman R'

New stages, accessories and performance tweaks added today. Pyramid Head joined by Simon Belmont from 'Castlevania' and Vic Viper from 'Gradius' soon

Three classic characters are coming to the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Super Bomberman R in the coming weeks, including a truly adorable looking version of the terrifying Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. The cute-looking monster will be joined by Castlevania’s Simon Belmont and the Gradius shooter series’ Vic Viper as part of a free update coming soon.

Konami also rolled out a fairly significant update for the game today adding four new versus stages – Lagoon, White Cross, Power Zone and Speed Zone – along with new crown and bomb accessories. The update also applied some performance tweaks to the game: you can now play the 'Battle' mode at 60 frames per second, you have the option to choose how smart the AI characters are, and you can also change the camera angle in the 'Story' mode now. Konami also states that "various adjustments have been made to improve controls, fix minor bugs, among others." The company posted a full set of patch notes here.