5 Must See Sessions at Gaming Show E3's Coliseum

Geoff Keighley to host guests like Jack Black, Hideo Kojima, Jordan Vogt-Roberts Neil deGrasse Tyson and James Gunn

Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley at the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival Credit: @jive for @streetdreamsmag

E3 is the biggest show gaming has. It's traditionally been a time when all the big studios, and most of the smaller ones, would show off their upcoming games to the press. This year it's opening its doors to the public for the first time, and holding its first ever E3 Coliseum on June 13 and 14.

E3 Coliseum is a stage show where creator of The Game Awards Geoff Keighley will talk to all the big names from the blockbuster studios, as well as notable figures from the world of television and film. E3 Coliseum panels will be streamed on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. All the sessions are worth checking out and you can see a full schedule for event here, but these are the highlights you really don't want to miss. 

World Builders
"Join host Chris Hardwick for a keynote discussion about building worlds across entertainment mediums, with a focus on video games. Hardwick will be joined by astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, director James Gunn, Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, and 343 Industries' Kiki Wolfkill." (June 13, 12.30pm PST)

Jack Black in Conversation with Tim Schafer
"Over the past 30 years Tim Schafer has created some of the gaming industry's most hilariously memorable worlds and characters. The multi-talented Jack Black (star of Brutal Legend) leads a wide-ranging conversation with Tim about his career, creative process, and yes, Psychonauts 2." (June 13, 6pm PST)

New Realities: VR, AR, and Gaming
"Video games are ushering in a whole new era of interactivity across a host of new devices that deliver virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Join Will Smith (The Foo Show) for a discussion about the state of immersive reality and the future of gameplay and storytelling in VR and AR. Joining Smith will be film director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters), Curtis Hickman (Co-Founder/CCO, The Void), Tanja Watson (Co-Founder, Squanchtendo Games) David Ellison (CEO, Skydance Media), and Brandon J. Laatsch (Stress Level Zero Games)." (June 14, 10am PST)

Stories Across Screens
"How does today's greatest game writing influence the world of TV and film, and vice versa? Join Better Call Saul Executive Producer Gennifer Hutchison for a conversation with leading storytellers about the opportunities and challenges of interactive and linear storytelling. Hutchison will be joined by Emil Pagliarulo (Designer Director, Bethesda Game Studios), Josh Scherr (Writer, Naughty Dog), and Dan Tractenberg (Director, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Black Mirror)." (June 14, 2.30pm PST)

A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Jordan Vogt-Roberts
"A one-on-one session looking back at the career of Hideo Kojima, led by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island. These two creative forces will share the stage to discuss the fusion of gaming and cinema. Mr. Kojima will discuss his cinematic influences and how they have allowed him to make masterworks of his own." (June 14, 3.15pm PST)