10 Percent of 'Resident Evil 7' Gamers Have Played in VR

Players have also made over 15 million kills in the survival horror game so far

More than 475,000 in-game bras have been examined Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 7 is legit nightmare fuel so playing it in virtual reality is next level hardcore. New stats from the makers of the game show that an impressive 9.61 percent of players have done just that, a figure that works out to 65,300 globally.

That's an impressive section of the audience, especially when you consider that the virtual reality option is available exclusively to PlayStation VR users right now. It also bodes well for any other big blockbuster games that are planning a virtual reality mode for their games, if people can handle battling a cannibal family in a headset then your standard shooter or fantasy RPG should be a relative stroll in the park. 

Other stats that were revealed courtesy of ResidentEvil.net include that players have made over 15 million kills so far and have triggered over a million traps. Oddly, more than 475,000 in-game bras have been examined. You never know where that next can of burner fuel might be hiding after all.

Today Capcom, the game's publisher, also revealed that Resident Evil 7 has already shipped more than 2.5 million copies worldwide. That takes sales of the entire series up to 75 million units since 1996.