The 50 Worst Games of All Time

From 'BMX XXX' and 'Bubsy 3D' to a game about a talking sausage and the least erotic sex games imaginable. Meet the very worst of the worst

Charlie's Angels

The first level of Ubisoft's 2003 Charlie's Angels PS2 game begins at a Miss Bikini contest because of course it does, but from there it quickly becomes a generic beat 'em-up. There are only a handful of different attacks, bad guys make grunting noises that make them sound like old men struggling to get out of a chair and Cameron Diaz honks whenever she's hit. The movie's actors contribute some voiceover work, but treat the script with the contempt it deserves – it has none of the self-awareness that made the movie work, and everybody reads their lines like they're reciting them off a phone.

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