Listen to the Glixel Podcast: Will the Nintendo Switch be a Hit or a Miss?

Recorded immediately after Nintendo's big presentation, we argue whether Switch has what it takes to be a hit

The hardware looks great, but are the games Nintendo has announced enough? Credit: Glixel

Immediately after Nintendo announced the March 3 launch date, $299 price point and first batch of games for its new Switch console, we gathered to discuss whether we think it'll be a hit or a miss. The announcement raised as many questions as it answered: Is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and quirky controller-waggling game 1, 2, Switch enough to make it a success on day one? Why did Nintendo commit to releasing a new console when so few games would be ready? Why is there so much old stuff coming out for it? If Mario looks so different than regular humans in Super Mario Odyssey – does that mean he's, perhaps, not human? Also, if Mario's hat is now a sentient creature...what part of it is he putting his head into?

Some strong opinions ensued as John Davison, Miguel Lopez, Rachel Weber and Simon Cox argued late into the night.

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