Top Toy: The Next-Generation Boombox

Former cassette maker TDK’s new Boombox models invite you to party like it's 1989

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Rewinding the clock to the era of boomboxes and mixtapes, former cassette maker TDK’s new Two-Speaker Boombox and Three-Speaker Boombox models invite you to party like it’s 1989. Due out in early 2011 for $399 and $499, respectively, the retro-fabulous units, which pack serious sonic punch, can be connected to digital music players like the iPod or USB drives. Sexier than your average Apple dock, the Three-Speaker unit is backed by a 6-inch, 15-watt middle-mounted subwoofer and 6-inch, 10-watt stereo speakers, while the Two-Speaker edition loses the subwoofer, thereby shrinking in size. Each offers touch-sensing backlit buttons, AM/FM radio functions and ports for connecting external accessories such as microphones, headsets and guitars, with instrument connectors allowing for improvisational jam sessions. Super-sleek, and resplendent in a glossy piano black finish, units toss the cheap vintage-era industrial design and materials in favor of a futuristic vibe.

$399 / $499,