Kreayshawn Gets Her Own Video Game

Fan-made game lets players throw fireballs of swag

Kreasyhawn video game
A screenshot from the Kreasyhawn video game.
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Los Angeles rapper Kreayshawn has joined the ranks of Journey, Michael Jackson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Beatles in the pantheon of musicians with their own video games.

Kreayshawn: The Game, a Flash-based game created by Kreayshawn superfan Beth Maher, was developed as part of a workshop intended to encourage young women to create video games. The four-level game, created from the Stencyl game template, is built on references to Kreayshawn's Youtube hit "Gucci Gucci," with the rapper hurling fireballs of "swag" at Gucci-toting "basic bitches."

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Kreayshawn has since endorsed the game on Tumblr, resulting in a huge number of likes and reblogs from her online fan base.