Florence and the Machine Teams Up With Karl Lagerfeld For 'Shake It Out' Vinyl

Ltd edition Shake It Out artwork Credit: Courtesy of 230Publicity/Karl Lagerfeld

On the cusp of releasing Florence and the Machine's epic second album, Ceremonials, frontwoman Florence Welch is bringing a new level of visual interest to her craft, announcing a very limited, very fashionable version of her single "Shake It Out." Out October 31st and restricted to 500 (hand-numbered) copies, the 180-gram white vinyl release features exclusive artwork by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who shot Welch in a series of beguiling Jazz Age-themed portraits. The couture-fueled package comes with an equally hefty cost – £50 – and is available exclusively through The Vinyl Factory.

In September, Welch hinted to Rolling Stone that she and Lagerfeld had teamed up for a "secret photo session" centering around Tamara de Lempicka-inspired imagery (incidentally, the Polish painter's works currently serves as a major visual motif for Welch). This release is the latest in Welch and Lagerfeld's unofficial partnership: the designer shot the singer for Vogue Japan and also made her his muse for Chanel Spring 2012's collection, inviting her to perform atop an enormous pearl-encrusted sea shell at his show. Fittingly, the dress Welch wore for that appearance is also the one she wears in the artwork for "Shake It Out."

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