Dar.fm, TiVo for Internet Radio, Now Allows Downloading for Offline Listening

Credit: Courtesy Dar.fm

Online music listening service DAR.fm (Digital Audio Recorder), which acts like TiVo for streaming Internet radio, now allows users to download broadcasts from several thousand shows and stations to mobile devices for offline listening.

Previously confined to online streaming, owners of connected devices such as a PC, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android smartphone can grab talk or music programming for later on-demand enjoyment. Free to utilize when downloading one show daily, so you can snag NPR’s “Morning Edition” or randomly listen to Rush Limbaugh rant, the service will cost $39.95 for use with up to 10 individual series. Compatible with 3G and WiFi connections, it opens a wider spectrum of Web programming up for retrieval and use on more devices.

Making it possible to capture, record and store broadcasts for playback whenever the mood strikes, new features further enable convenient transfer across myriad types of consumer electronics, which most DVRs lack. While destined to give radio broadcasting corporations and copyright holders pause, listeners hoping to tune in to favorite programs when convenient, regardless of actual airing, should appreciate the gesture.