Big Spender: Cut Your Own Records

Vestax vinyl recorder goes for a cool 14 grand

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With vinyl records growing in popularity and still renowned for their warm sound, it’s only natural that DJs and producers would want the option to cut their own. For almost $14,000, Vestax’s VRX 2000 lets industrious (and well-heeled) artists live immortalize original sounds on wax, cutting 33 1/3 or 45 rpm records onto special blanks on-demand. Recordings, transferable in real-time using a mixer or power amp connected to an external audio source and cut using a sapphire head, can be monitored and manipulated using integrated EQ controls. A built-in tonearm offers immediate playback, with records resilient enough to be scratched, sampled and passed out as promos on your next European tour. Each unit comes with a free half-day training session, delivered by Vestax employees in their authentic British accents. It may be the closest you’ll come to capturing the feeling of working on your own Abbey Road.