The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

Modeling, crime solving, spying, art appraising, alligator hunting and more

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Scott Is an Alligator Hunter

23. Scott Is an Alligator Hunter

KAKTM Season 3, Episode 10

While living in Miami, Scott is introduced to The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi, whose parents have an alligator farm. She invites him to visit and hunt an alligator for a pair of loafers. That is the summary of this episode: Scott kills an alligator for shoes.

Before he heads to the Everglades, a few people ask Scott why he can't just buy a pair of shoes, and he doesn't really have an answer beyond, "A lot goes into being a stylish man; you gotta kill or be killed."

After mocking Vienna's family, Scott and his buddies load into a car wearing camo gear, noting, "I really feel like we're on our way to do something bad." Their instincts are right. A few minutes later, the hunting party spots an eight-year-old alligator and surrounds the terrified animal. Then, in one of the most horrifying moments we've ever seen in the series' history, Scott is instructed to fire his gun "right in the eye" and does just that. The moment of impact is blurred on screen, but images of the dead animal – which we're shown over and over again – are not. His justification? "If I didn't kill it, somebody else would."

"That's, like, barbarian," Kim tells Scott when he arrives home to recount his adventure.

After justifying his actions by saying things like, "If you eat what you hunt it's not nearly as inhumane as you think" (he tasted a "gator nugget"), Scott backpedals and winds up announcing that a series of nightmares in which animals are preying on him has instilled enough guilt in him. "At this point, I'm not even going to put my alligator shoes on."

The episode ends with Scott and Kourtney taking Mason on a trip to the Everglades to see alligators in captivity. When Mason sees a tank of baby alligators he asks, "Where's their daddy?" and with that, Scott is sufficiently shamed.

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