The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

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Kris Is the Manager of a Band

18. Kris Is the Manager of a Band

KUWTK Season 5, Episode 7

Seeking "an identity outside the family" leads Kris to toy with the idea of co-managing BG5, a new girl group, with Kenneth Crear, who used to manage Janet Jackson. He cites Kris' "business mind and savvy" and her "knack with the females" as the reasons for proposing the partnership. Kris is keen, but Khloé's resistant to the idea. "You're our manager, not theirs. You're not supposed to be someone else's manager, especially not someone named R2D2."

The rest of the family is similarly doubtful: "When was the last time you listened to a song?" Kendall asks.

"You listen to the same tape – Luther Vandross," Caitlyn notes.

Kris agrees that she's too overwhelmed managing her own family to take on another project, and tells the band just that. But this occurs about halfway into the episode, so you know she's nowhere near done toying with the idea.

At BG5's showcase – seemingly a private performance in their studio for only the Kardashian family – Kris says she loves their work but is "so sad [I] can't help them meet their full potential." After crying a little to Kourtney and Kendall, Kris asks the band if they'll still have her. They all dance onstage for a minute before Kris yells, "Yay! I have a new job!"

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