The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

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Kris Is a Talk Show Host

11. Kris Is a Talk Show Host

KUWTK Season 8, Episode 19

Kris' pilot season as host of her Fox talk show, Kris, was one of the few times that an on-screen career change actually happened in real life, but its legitimacy did nothing to convince Kris' daughters to be involved. After attending the taping for the first episode (in which Kris brought out her stylist's bundled up baby and led the audience to believe it was the newborn North West), Kourtney met her mother backstage and announced, in lieu of congratulations, "We just have a bunch of notes."

"Did you see the Kathie Lee Gifford episode?" Kris asks Kourtney, Khloé and Scott over dinner at a steakhouse. "Did you see the Diddy episode? Did you see the Maria Menounos episode?" she insists, with an unusual pronunciation of "Menounos."

"No, and that's not her last name," Kourtney deadpans.

The family eventually comes around to support Kris. Scott and Khloé agree to co-host a few episodes; Kim, feeling insecure about being filmed immediately after giving birth, films a video message for her mom; and Kourtney, who says she doesn't watch TV, begins DVR-ing episodes of the show.

"I love the whole talk show world," Kris gushes, "If I could dream as big as I want, I would dream to be able to get up and do this every single day." This makes it all the sadder that the show was cancelled following that initial season.

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