The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

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Kris Is a Broadway Star

2. Kris Is a Broadway Star

KUWTK Season 9, Episode 3

Kris Jenner is a dreamer. This we know for damn sure. "It doesn't matter if Kim or anybody else wants to laugh at me," she says after reducing Kim and her friend Jonathan Cheban to giggles after performing just one line of "All That Jazz." "If being on Broadway is my dream, then it's my dream."

After meeting the actress playing the role of Chicago's Velma Kelly during a night out in New York, Kris has decided to spend the next few days practicing Velma's signature anthem. Sadly, as she admits to Kim and Jonathan, "I don't know how the audition process actually works." So she turns to someone who does: her close friend Kathie Lee Gifford. In the end, it's not her family's doubts over her ability that hits the pause button on this dream, but rather the reality of a performer's schedule. "We did nine shows a week for five weeks," Kathie Lee, who played Annie's Miss Hannigan at Madison Square Garden, tells Kris. The camera zooms in on Khloé's mugshot, framed on Kris' desk, as Kathie Lee says, "I don't see it working with your life, sweetie." Kris agrees and returns to her momager duties, filing this one particular dream away for later.

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