The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

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Kourtney and Scott Are Art Experts

3. Kourtney and Scott Are Art Experts

KUWTK Season 9, Episode 9

After Scott's parents pass away, Kourtney uncovers a painting at their Hamptons home. She believes it might be a heretofore-unseen Modigliani! Scott's not too interested in this idea, partly because he doesn't want to get his hopes up only to have them crushed by reality, and partly because "if it was valuable, my Jewish father. . .would've been driving around in 10 Rolls Royces."

His resistance dissipates when an art appraiser (a stately gentleman in a beret) glances at the painting and immediately believes it may be valuable based on the brush strokes, subject matter and signature: "All three are dead-on."

"It's a Modigliani," says Kourtney. "He's major. . .If it's real, our lives are changing." Now Scott's on board! He starts contemplating carpet options for the private jet he'll buy once the painting sells at auction, while Kourtney announces that she'll use the money to "feed children who cannot afford to eat."

Those children will stay hungry, unfortunately: A conservator who's had "multiple run-ins" with Modigliani breaks the news that it's not an oil painting but a watercolour on paper with a cardboard backing, both of which contain titanium dioxide – a medium that wouldn't have been used until after Modigliani's death. For now, Scott will have to stick to traveling on someone else's private jet.

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