The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

Modeling, crime solving, spying, art appraising, alligator hunting and more

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Kim Is a Loss-Prevention Officer

24. Kim Is a Loss-Prevention Officer

KUWTK Season 10, Episode 6

To combat an increasing scale of theft at Dash's SoHo outpost, Kim's sisters suggest she visit the store and speak to the staff. Kim instead decides to bug the store and spy on the staff from a van outside.

"I have always loved investigating," she says, "I am the best spy; I can figure anything out." She recruits Sal, a member of Jonathan's security team, to pretend to be a customer to see what happens when he attempts to steal from the store. Unfortunately, Sal's approach is to intimidate, frighten and creep out the store's staff when he talks about Kim's nude photoshoots and how much he wishes his wife looked like her. They keep a wide berth around him, leaving him to pilfer stock from right under their noses. As soon as he leaves the store, the Dash employees discuss his behavior, as women who have experienced lecherous men are wont to do.

Kim is horrified that he succeeded in his mission, but understanding of why the girls ignored him: "I know when I worked in retail, if there was a guy that we thought was creepy we'd kinda stay away from him." There's no excuse for how easily Sal's female colleague manages to shoplift from the store, though, so Kim calls all the staffers together to let them know she's been watching them. They vow to do a better job at protecting the store's brand and merchandise.

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