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Khloe Is an Alien Hunter

6. Khloe Is an Alien Hunter

KUWTK Season 8, Episode 19

In the latter half of Season 8, much of Khloé's storyline revolves around her desperately trying to either repair or distract herself from her crumbling marriage to Lamar. In this episode, she's doing a combination of the two, while simultaneously concocting one of the show's most bizarre situations ever.

Eager to bring all her children together on a family camping trip, Caitlyn throws Rob, Kendall, Kylie, Khloé, Brandon, Leah and Brody together in an RV and sets off for Nevada. But Khloé has other plans: "Kendall, Kylie, Rob and I are obsessed with aliens," she explains, and when it's Kendall's turn to drive the camper, Khloé instructs her to ignore Caitlyn's directions and head towards Area 51. Along the way she's distracted by Lamar's sporadic and emotional phone calls. "It's really scary when nothing's really working and then you know, if you give up, no one in his life would be able to help," she says, continuing the show's theme of speaking as vaguely about Lamar's situation as possible, leaving the tabloids to air all dirty laundry.

The family stops at an alien museum, then meets up with Travis Walton, who claims to have been abducted by aliens for five days in 1975, and Alejandro Rojas, an "alien expert" at Open Minds magazine who "did an article about Kendall tweeting about UFOs."

While on a night walk outside Area 51, Brandon and Brody set off fireworks as the Jenner girls declare there to be "a weird vibe." Suddenly the cameras switch to night vision as lights shine on the family and E.T.-screaming-at-Drew-Barrymore noises ring out, seemingly from nowhere. "At this point, I've accepted the fact that we're getting abducted," Kylie, who collapses into the fetal position on the ground, tells the camera. After a genuinely frightening few minutes, Brandon and Brody admit they concocted the prank! There were no aliens: The Jenner boys just roped in locals at the fireworks store to dress as aliens in the hope of terrifying their loved ones!

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