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Khloe Is a Drag Queen Judge

20. Khloe Is a Drag Queen Judge

KAKTM Season 1, Episode 4

During Pride Week, Khloé focuses on gay rights issues on Khloé After Dark and proclaims she is all for doing things to support "my gay community" – until a representative of gay rights charity Save Dade invites her to judge a drag lookalike contest. Things go south fast when Khloé proves how cool she is by repeatedly using a transgender slur and speaking about the LGBTQ community in a generally super uncool way: "On blog sites I get referred to as a tranny. Me hosting a drag queen lookalike contest? Transsexuals and drag queens are not the same thing, but it is adding fuel to the fire."

It takes an on-air confrontation with an anti-gay marriage campaigner to change Khloé's tune: "I hate being called a tranny, but I hate small-minded [censored] even more." She agrees to host and judge the Khloé lookalike competition.

Despite clearly articulating that transgender people and drag queens aren't comparable, she still waits until all the performers have finished their acts before grabbing the mic and announcing, "I just wanna say that this was hard for me to do, but if I get compared to beautiful women like you any day I don't mind being compared to a tranny! You guys are all stunning! Love you guys!"

The drag contest had a winner, but that's about the only positive takeaway here.

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