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Khloe and Scott Host a Podcast

10. Khloe and Scott Host a Podcast

KAKTTH Season 1, Episode 6

Years after her hosting stint on Khloé After Dark ended, Khloé spends a rocky summer living with Kourtney, Scott and their kids in the Hamptons – and is offered the chance to host a show on Sirius. Keen to keep a newly sober Scott engaged and on the wagon, Khloé suggests teaming up on the air, but Kris explains to her daughter that the network's advertisers deem him to be too much of a loose cannon.

"What if I only want to do it with Scott?" Kourtney asks.

"This is a business decision, and you can't always get what you want," Kris reasons.


Khloé eventually tells Kris to pass on the message that Sirius can "take [their] offer and shove it up [their] own asshole," and floats the idea of recording an independent podcast instead – an idea that's preferable because they can curse and aren't at the mercy of advertisers. After they successfully record one episode in a bath, wearing bathing suits and life jackets (if the equipment falls in the tub, Scott explains, "we die; that's part of it"), Khloé puts Scott on blast because he failed to show up to her boyfriend French Montana's music video shoot. They argue until Khloé leaves the docked boat. Scott apologizes the second he learns that Khloé turned down serious Sirius money to do the podcast, and Khloé lets him know he's forgiven by saying, "Bro's before ho's. We're bro's."

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