The 10 Best 'Survivor Series' Teams of All Time

When former legends and future superstars join forces at the WWE's annual PPV, anything can happen – and usually does

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6. Lex Luger, the Undertaker, Rick and Scott Steiner

From Survivor Series VII, November 24, 1993
If Luger, 'Taker, Rick and Scott somehow bungled their bout against Yokozuna, Jacques Rougeau, Crush and infamously fleeting main-event heel Ludvig Borga, it would jump out today as one of Survivor Series' most emphatic anomalies. Fortunately for Lex and the gang's reputations (and thanks to a perhaps prescient booking decision), Luger reigned supreme, toppling the Finnish faux-aristocrat and furthering his own dubious "All-American" gimmick. Still, all five participants on the winning side embody the link between wrestling's territorial roots and contemporary spectacle, and it's somewhat miraculous that they were all ever in the same federation at once, let alone on one team.

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