The 10 Best 'Survivor Series' Teams of All Time

When former legends and future superstars join forces at the WWE's annual PPV, anything can happen – and usually does

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4. The Ultimate Warrior, Legion of Doom, the Texas Tornado

From Survivor Series IV, November 22, 1990
Think about this: The Warrior, Kerry Von Erich (unfortunate gimmick notwithstanding) and LOD teaming up, all at the ostensible peaks of their popularity or potential. Even if it were fait accompli that Warrior would be the last grappler standing, all three of his partners loom large in both WWE and regional-wrestling lore. If anything, it's bittersweet to think that only LOD principal Animal remains alive today, but that's all the more reason to relive Team Warrior's epic clash with Mr. Perfect and Demolition (featuring Crush no less!) That, and to marvel at how much fetish attire was being sported between both sides.

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