Beyond Pope Francis: 10 More Conservatives Who Have Gone Liberal

The new pope isn't the only right-of-center figure to take a walk on the left side

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David Souter
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images4/10

David Souter

President George H.W. Bush hoped to mollify a disappointed Republican base by nominating David Souter to the Supreme Court in 1990; GOP Senator John Sununu sold Bush on Souter by saying he'd be a "slam dunk for conservatives." Oops. Souter's name became a swear word on the right as he took moderate-to-liberal stands on issues from abortion to school prayer. Souter voted with the minority in 2000's Bush v. Gore, a ruling he reportedly wept over. How the right didn’t see this coming is kind of mystifying. As of his retirement in 2009, Souter didn't own a computer and he famously never plugged in a TV he was given as a gift early in his tenure. What a a hippie!

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