A Brief History of People Getting Fired for Social Media Stupidity

17 of the most offensive and dumb Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fails

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The Taco Bell Employee Who Urinated on a Signature Dish

The Taco Bell Employee Who Urinated on a Signature Dish

Cameron Jankowski, a worker at a Fort Wayne, Indiana, Taco Bell, urinated on an order of Nachos BellGrande. . .and took a photo of his urinary output. . .and tweeted the photo. No, this was not a performance art protest against Taco Bell's history of racist ad campaigns. Nor was this a symbolic attack on the inauthenticity of the BellGrande name, which isn't even Spanish – an example of the chain's coopting and distortion of Mexican cuisine and culture. Jankowski's goal was much more noble: to win the admiration of revenge porn media magnate Hunter Moore. Jankowski's tweet contained the hashtag #pissolympics," "#nacobellgrande," (leaving out the "h" in nacho is the least of his problems) and the intriguing question, "guess where I work." When critics objected, Jankowski proclaimed, "there are no laws saying what you can and cannot piss upon." That's not actually true, as a cursory review of the case law on food contamination and indecent exposure reveals. Jankowski was fired.

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