61 Reasons to Love 2014

From returning rock legends to heart-stopping thrillers, the best of what's to come in music, movies and TV this year

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Victor Maymudes' 'Another Side of Bob Dylan' (September 9th)
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images16/61

Victor Maymudes' 'Another Side of Bob Dylan' (September 9th)

From 1961 on, Victor Maymudes was one of Bob Dylan's closest friends and confidantes. The pair had a falling out in 2000, after which Maymudes decided he would write a book about his life with the rock icon, but he died (from a brain aneurysm) the following year before he could complete the work. Now, Maymudes' son Jake has resurrected the project. Definitely don't expect something similar to Dylan's Chronicles.

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